well done; very good; feminine of bravo
exclamation used to applaud a woman

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BRAVA is an unusual, inspirational guide to embodied feminine thought leadership. BRAVA Magazine showcases edge-walking writers, speakers and filmmakers; while BRAVA Pro offers breakthrough coaching programs to help you find your voice and creatively share your message.


Hello. I’m Catriona Mitchell, creator of BRAVA.

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This site is in two parts:

1. BRAVA Magazine:

BRAVA Magazine celebrates feminine intelligence and creativity via intimate and candid conversations with some of the world’s most remarkable writers, speakers and filmmakers; all of whom are taking risks, and making a valuable contribution to society / culture / the environment through the expression of their voices. Guidance and tips are offered for the woman who wishes to find her voice, access her deepest creativity, and put a powerful message into the world. BRAVA’s content is daring, edgy, sometimes dark, distinctly feminine, always inspirational. Published online (only) each month, BRAVA Magazine is free for all readers. Join the BRAVA newsletter to receive the latest.

2. BRAVA Pro:

Catriona Mitchell offers coaching programs to help you find your voice, and confidently and creatively share your message. You will learn to tune into your deep, instinctual self; let go of outworn beliefs that are holding you back; identify the power in your personal story; express your ideas with creative spark; and step forward as an inspired feminine thought leader. Catriona will safely (and humorously) help you identify and dismantle your blocks to expression, so you can be an effective ‘brand ambassador’ for your work, bringing your entire, radiant and purposeful self to the table, rather than a censored or dimmed-down version of who you are.

BRAVA Magazine / Latest Stories



BRAVA Magazine publishes intimate conversations with extraordinary artists and thinkers from different corners of the globe. Driven by big ideas, creative fire, an unusual worldview, the courage to take risks and often shatter cultural norms, each of BRAVA’s interviewees has an unforgettable story to tell.

BRAVA Magazine also offers guidance on how you can step into the spotlight as an inspirational feminine thought leader.


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Do you long to find your voice –

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My one-to-one coaching is designed for artists, entrepreneurs, women whose work is making a difference. Our work together will help you find your voice, embody your message, develop a strong sense of personal presence, and inspire others.

You’ll learn tools and techniques to become an effective, embodied feminine thought leader: a woman whose thoughts, feelings, words and actions are in alignment; a woman who knows exactly what she stands for and why; a woman who is in tune with her beauty and unique voice; and can share her message with “BRAVA-voom!”



A 90-day private program designed to help you find your voice, and use it with vitality, imagination, glamour and purpose. Access your deepest feminine intelligence and wisdom, connect with your truth, let go of any fears around being seen and heard, embody your message, and develop a strong sense of personal expression and presence. Catriona’s signature program, FIND YOUR VOICE is all about the empowerment of your voice – the feminine way. BRAVA!


Together, we’ll explore your core message – the idea that drives you and your work – and craft a spell-binding and intimate story around it that opens others’ minds and hearts. You’ll go away with a 10-minute signature talk that can be expanded upon or edited down, for use in a variety of contexts to promote your project or business. A private 6-week program, conducted by phone/Skype.

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