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FIND YOUR VOICE is a 90-day one-to-one coaching program to help you connect to your deeper self; empower your voice; embody your message; express yourself with vitality, glamour and purpose; and step into your power as an inspired feminine thought leader.

Do you feel called to share your ideas with the world, but aren’t sure you have what it takes to be a feminine thought leader?

Does your success as an artist or entrepreneur depend on being your own spokeswoman… but you feel squeamish about this?

Do you wish you could express yourself with greater confidence and creative spark?

Do you feel that somewhere along the line you lost the ability to express freely, disconnected inside, and adopted a tamed or censored ‘safe’ persona?

Does your voice lack resonance, true connection, verve?

Do you habitually stay silent, while a voice inside you is crying out to be heard?

Would you like to re-define your relationship to your own voice?

Are you tired of under-achieving, and underestimating your own abilities?

Do you know that inside you’re creative, expressive and unique, but can’t get past your inner censor?

Are you tired of hiding?


If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, please read on…


You aren’t alone.

I’ve lived with every one of these debilitating conditions – I lived with them for most of my life. You could say I know them intimately.

But in recent years, with the help of some brilliant mentors and a spattering of miraculous life-circumstances that demanded I become an entirely different person, well, I’ve come out the other side.

What a relief.

I know the pain that’s caused when your voice feels strangled, diminished, or untrue.

To my mind, feeling voiceless is one of the biggest forms of suffering on the planet.

And it affects women a lot.

That’s why I have created this program. To help you find your vocal empowerment, the feminine way.

Nowadays, I find that I do have a voice after all. And I love to use it – in service to my own ideas, as well as in service to other women.

I now speak in front of half a million people live each year, hosting an annual event that I love. Maybe more importantly, not only do I enjoy using my voice, I enjoy being irreverent with it – something that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago.

When people don’t express themselves, they die one piece at a time.” Laurie Halse Anderson

The BRAVA Approach

FIND YOUR VOICE is a 90-day private coaching program, conducted by Skype, to help you redefine your relationship with your own voice. Here are the main areas we’ll dive into when you sign up. The amount of time we spend on each will be tailored to your individual needs:


  • Embodiment
  • Bringing your ‘inner voice’ into alignment with your outer voice
  • Dismantling old fears and limiting beliefs
  • Exploring your ‘heroine’s journey’ and developing your signature story
  • Enhancing your creative powers and expression
  • Defining your brand and refining your message
  • Presenting with vitality, glamour and purpose (“BRAVA-voom”!)

Let’s look briefly into these, one by one, so I can give you a sense of why I work with these key areas.

Warning: my methods are unconventional!




In this context, BRAVA stands for “Body Reverence And Vocal Alignment.” Let me explain.

To me, embodiment is the number one key to women’s empowerment.

Becoming embodied means learning an all-new way to respect and communicate with your body, to inhabit it both more fully and more sensitively. Why? Because true feminine intelligence is housed in the body. It cannot be accessed from the neck up.

Our bodies are ultra sophisticated systems, not only in the physical sense, but also in an emotional, psychological and spiritual sense. When we live too much in the head, as most of us do these days, we’re living in an incredibly limited way. We’re all too easily trapped inside a patriarchal or socially conditioned mindset.

So, the way to inhabit our feminine power is to tune into what the body has to say.

The true voice of a woman emerges when she’s speaking from her whole self, with the voice of her body.

Ultimately this means tapping into a more instinctual, intuitive, creative self – the ‘wild woman’ archetype, if you like.

I’ll show you how.

Intuition is a sacred voice.”Lailah Gifty Akita


‘Vocal alignment’ is achieved when you tune into your body, and use your voice in service to your inner truth. You express from those deeply felt parts of you, and you integrate your inner voice with your outer voice, so there’s no discrepancy between how you feel and think, and how you present yourself to the world.

This is your opportunity to become more intimate with your inner reality and guidance, and express outwardly from there, in a way that feels freeing and true.

This will change your life.

It will change your abilities as a communicator, too. Others will see you as authentic and consistent in all your communications. They’ll feel they ‘know, like and trust’ you, which is essential for good business.


What are the self-sabotaging beliefs that are getting in the way of your full potential? Are you even conscious of the thoughts you hold inside, that are surreptitiously running the show?

We’ll gently explore what might be keeping you silent and fearful, or trapping you in self-doubt (such as old and buried shame-based beliefs), so that you can move forward with confidence and ease.

Even to me the issue of “stay small, sweet, quiet, and modest” sounds like an outdated problem, but the truth is that women still run into those demands whenever we find and use our voices.” ― Brene Brown


Every woman has a story.

I’ll help you identify the aspects of your life-story that have affected you most deeply, so that you have a clearer sense of what makes you unique, and tell the story only you can tell.

From there, we’ll craft your ‘signature story’: an invaluable personal branding tool to capture the essence of you and your work or creative project, illuminating who you are, what you do, why you care about your work, and why others should too.

Your signature story is the succinct expression of your ideas, story, personality and voice. It can be used to boost your professional profile on stage, in marketing videos, at media interviews and more.


What are the key characteristics of your personal brand? We’ll discuss how you wish to be perceived in the marketplace, including how to ‘tell your story’ in visual terms – with your choice of personal styling and photography.

You’ll get clarity on all your messaging, so that it’s memorable and very expressive of YOU. Your message will spark enthusiasm in others because it’s fresh and real, not a rehashing of flat, conventional ideas that your community or society might ‘expect’ of you, or an imitation of what others are doing.


Your message is unlikely to stir emotional resonance, unless you are comfortable being seen and heard.

This can feel tricky. We want to deflect what feels uncomfortable. Many of us are so afraid of using our voices, we’d prefer to ‘disappear’ than feel that level of discomfort.

At BRAVA, I’ll introduce you to special methods that help you to stand tall, communicating not only from your head but with your whole being, making sure you’re really feeling into what you have to say. When you express in a way that incorporates your body, and when you have genuine conviction in the quality of your message, this changes everything. You’re powerfully present. You shine.

FIND YOUR VOICE is priced at a special INTRODUCTORY RATE of $1597, starting in May 2018.

To Recap:

FIND YOUR VOICE is a 90-day program, conducted once a week for 60 minutes by Skype. You will receive worksheets to work on between sessions, a recommended reading list tailored to your needs, and suggested embodiment and other exercises to do at home. Allow 3-5 hours per week for these.

As a result, you’ll become an effective, embodied feminine thought leader, with real confidence in her voice; a woman whose thoughts, feelings, words and actions are in alignment; who is tapped into her feminine powers; and who can communicate her message with poise in any situation.


By signing up for FIND YOUR VOICE, you become not only the messenger but the message. You won’t be leading a movement; you are the movement.

Isn’t it time for you to empower your voice, and stand up for what you believe in?


Let’s start working with your voice today, to bring out the unapologetic, natural thought leader in you. I’d love to hear from you, to take a ‘journey into voice’ together.


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