Present your story &
ideas on camera, with a
BRAVA Pro Video Shoot



Star in your own ‘mini documentary,’ with a storytelling video about your work.

A BRAVA Pro video shoot provides you with a short-form, high calibre, high impact portrait of you and your work, helping you connect online with audiences and potential clients in a way that’s meaningful for them and for you.

Special focus is placed on helping you to script your narrative in the most effective way possible. The way you choose to tell your story will inform viewers about what you do, why you do it, what’s led you to where you are today, and why your work matters. In a way, your story is your success. It showcases your offering to the world.

BRAVA Pro will help you to clarify your key ideas and your messaging, script your story, and polish it until it shines. We’ll style your video, giving it an aesthetic beauty that’s perfectly aligned with your brand. We’ll chase away your fears of being seen and heard on camera, if visibility is something that makes you want to run in the opposite direction, or if speaking gives you the willies. We’ll work with you until you get the delivery right. We’ll do the shooting, the art direction and the editing, and we’ll champion you along the way.

The script we come up with together (your ‘signature’ talk) and the skills you acquire with our help, through the on-camera process, in terms of freeing up your body and voice, will stand you in good stead for public speaking occasions too.

BRAVA Pro’s short-form videos share intimate yet professional women’s stories in ways that are beautiful, and beautifully clear.

Our feminine approach to film-making enables viewers to understand on an emotional as well as an intellectual level why your work is of value, and why they might want to work with you.

A BRAVA Pro video turns your marketing into art.


COMING IN 2018, in various locations: Australia and Europe. If you would like to be contacted with more information about BRAVA Pro video services, and receive regular updates about how to be a powerful spokeswoman for your work, please fill out the template below.


“I found life can be much more interesting and powerful than fiction.” – Mira Nair, film director


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BRAVA Pro Video Shoots are coming in 2018.

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