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iconCatriona Mitchell is devoted to feminine empowerment through voice. Her programs will help you find your voice, embody your message, share your personal story, unleash your feminine power, and step into the spotlight as an inspired feminine thought leader.

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Do you long to share your voice and speak your mind in ways that feel profoundly connected, authentic and true? Do you wish to become more intimate with your inner truth and guidance, expressing outwardly from there?

At BRAVA, I offer coaching packages to help you find your voice, embody your message, tell your compelling personal story, and build your confidence as the spokeswoman for your work, thereby boosting the success of your business or creative project. For artists, creative thinkers, and entrepreneurs whose work is making a difference.


A 90-day private program designed to help you access your deepest feminine intelligence and wisdom, connect with your truth, find your voice, embody your message, and develop a strong sense of personal presence. Catriona’s signature program, FIND YOUR VOICE is all about the empowerment and expression of your authentic voice – the feminine way. BRAVA!


Together, we’ll explore your core message: the idea that drives you and your work. You’ll define your brand, refine your message, figure out how best to tell your compelling personal story, and create an unforgettable signature talk to draw on in a variety of contexts, to promote your creative project or business. A private 6-week program.

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