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iconCatriona Mitchell is creator of The BRAVA Leadership Project, a training in embodied feminine thought leadership based on the principles of ‘Body Reclamation and Voice Awakening.’ “BRAVA!”

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BRAVA takes a stand for feminine leadership. Don’t start a movement; be the movement!

Do you long to be a voice for what you truly believe in, and express your story and ideas in ways that are original, strong, beautiful and true?

The BRAVA Leadership Project will help you find your voice, embody your message, let go of fears that have kept you in hiding, tell your compelling personal story, create a brand that you love, and build your confidence as an embodied feminine thought leader. For artists, creative thinkers, and entrepreneurs whose work is making a difference.

The BRAVA Leadership Project

The BRAVA Leadership Project is all about the empowerment of your voice, and the embodiment and expression of your message – the feminine way. Tune into your deeper self, find your voice, define your message, gain new insight into your personal journey, learn to craft and present your signature story with beauty and conviction, let go of fears of being seen and heard, and develop a strong and unique sense of personal presence. “BRAVA!”


A mini-version of The BRAVA Leadership Project, this is a 6-hour coaching package to help you define your core message – the idea that drives you and your work – and craft a spell-binding, intimate story around it that opens others’ minds and hearts. You’ll go away with a 10-minute signature story that captures why you care about your work and why others should too, for use in a variety of contexts to promote your ideas.

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