"Turn your suffering into art.
Turn your art into awareness.
Turn your awareness into action."

- Gabrielle Roth




BRAVA‘s founder, Catriona Mitchell, believes that “we are each other’s stories” and that by listening to women’s voices from different parts of the world, we broaden our understanding not only of the feminine experience, but of humanity as a whole; and thereby deepen our capacity for empathy.

All of BRAVA‘s activities – BRAVA Magazine, the coaching programs, and book and film projects – celebrate feminine intelligence and creativity, empower women’s voices, and put compelling women’s stories in the spotlight.

At its heart, BRAVA is dedicated to the ‘heroine’s journey’: looking at the pain, fears and obstacles women face on their road to success; exploring the activation of their courage, compassion, intellect, politics and finances; their relationship with their bodies and their art; their visions for a more positive future; and the culmination of all this in the expression of their voices.


BRAVA Magazine publishes personal and candid conversations with remarkable writers, speakers and filmmakers from different cultures: women who are often laying bare the intimacies of their lives, breaking silences and shattering cultural norms with the stories they tell. All are producing work of high artistic merit while also communicating a message that’s inspirational for others.

By providing inspiration via these interviews, as well as practical guidance on empowerment through voice, BRAVA Magazine acts as an unconventional (and irreverent) guide to feminine thought leadership.

With BRAVA Pro, Catriona Mitchell helps clients to find their true voice, embody their message, build trust and influence with personal storytelling, tap into their deepest wells of creativity, and step into their power as inspirational feminine thought leaders.

About Catriona:

Catriona Mitchell’s work articulates the female experience, in daring and intimate ways, across different media.

She is the editor of Walking Towards Ourselves: Indian Women Tell Their Stories (HarperCollins India and Hardie Grant Books UK & Australia, 2016), a collection of candid ‘mini memoirs’ about what it’s like to be a woman in India – one of the most dangerous places on the planet to be a woman today. Walking Towards Ourselves shot to number 2 on the Indian bestseller lists, and was followed by a sold-out book tour at major Australian literary festivals in 2016.

A lover of global stories artfully told, Catriona has worked for over a decade with international literature and film festivals in Australia and Asia, meeting many of the world’s great thinkers, artists and storytellers along the way, and spending hundreds of hours listening to them talk masterfully about their work.

Bookwallah, a cross-cultural literary train tour through India, which she co-created and made a documentary film about, won an Australian government award in 2013.

Catriona has an M Phil from the Oscar Wilde School for Creative Writing at Trinity College Dublin, and a Masters in Writing from the National University of Ireland. Her fiction was described as ‘masterful’ in the Irish Times.

More Info:

When Catriona isn’t working, you’ll find her playing with a camera at her boyfriend’s photo gallery in Bali; at her mother’s art studio in the Australian bush; or soaking up the sacredness, colour and exuberance of India (the country she loves most) while drinking too much chai.

A lover of dance, she believes that the fastest way for women to reclaim a happy relationship with their bodies is by dancing (lots of it); and the best way for women to access their deepest truth, vocal power and creativity is also through the body.

Catriona has lived extensively in Europe, Australia and Asia; speaks French, German and a spattering of Indonesian; and studies Tibetan Buddhism. She is a teacher-in-training of Gabrielle Roth’s 5Rhythms, a moving meditation / dance practice, which she has been committed to since 1999.



Photo of Katharina Rapp by Catriona Mitchell.


All photos of Catriona on this site are taken by her partner, Indonesian-Turkish photographer and writer Rio Helmi, with whom she lives part-year in Indonesia. Together, they are the founders of the popular Bali-based travel/cultural website Ubud Now & Then.

Rio’s documentary photography can be viewed at riohelmi.com

All painted images are from large-scale oil paintings by Catriona’s mother: the Australia-based German artist Katharina Rapp, who specialises in depicting ‘the better moments of a woman’s life’. Katharina also pens the cartoons used in BRAVA Magazine, newsletters and coaching materials.

You can view more of Katharina’s work at studiorapp.com



Rio Helmi, by Catriona Mitchell. 

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